A bookmaker is a person or a company that offers sports betting. He can offer bets either through a physical agency or via the internet. In Asia, the Asian Games has a monopoly for sports betting in physical agencies in particular). It is, therefore, this state operator that offers a betting offer and also sets the odds of different bets. On the internet it’s different, there are in Asia a dozen authorized websites for online betting. And to have the right to operate, ole777 login these sites must be approved by theĀ  (Regulatory Authority of online games). They must, therefore, comply with the law authorizing online games, which date only 2010. His home before that date it was forbidden to open a Paris sports site in Asian countries. Nevertheless, many punters skirted the ban and bet on foreign bookmakers

How does it work sports betting?

We cannot explain what a rating is without clearly defining what we are talking about.

To bet that is to bet money on one or more possible events of a bet. There are at least 2 possibilities on a bet. Often there are even three, as on the most widespread bet the “1 N 2”.

The different types of bets, on all sports

There are many other types of bets than the classic “1n2”. For example + or – goals or points scored (otherwise called over/under), or the first scorer or scorer following the sport. In reality, there is a multitude of bets available on all sports betting sites.

Especially 188bet app these types of bets are very diverse and adapted to the sport in question. It is, therefore, possible to bet on the number of points or sets in tennis, or even to make handicap bets in team sports.

How does the sports betting odds work?

The odds are therefore a multiplying coefficient, which is defined by the bookmakers. It is linked to notions of probability for a sporting event. Basically in sports betting, the odds are the probability that an event will happen or not.

Online sports betting sites, therefore, determine the height of the odds according to the risk they incur. They adjust the odds based on the number of bettors who bet on a particular result.

If your bet is correct, these odds will be multiplied by your bet and you will get your win.

The most classic format of sports betting is the one you all know. This is also the one you find in particular in the odds comparator of our site, it is the Asian format.