When you play free online poker and cash poker of any size, three bets mean good hands (or bluffs). Four bets mean the best hands (or flashlights / you dare!), But luck gives you the best hands of all.

This is an excellent example of how to challenge the enemy to make a mistake in luck at a critical moment.

BELTS 50K / 100K, up to 10K


A has a KK, comes to 290k.

A great start for A, but it holds back temptation with a measured increase. He, of course, plays K-K slyly. Many players can play A A or K K weak before the flop, preparing for catching later. However, A only plays his K K as a standard hand.

  • B has A-Q, comes to 650k
  • Call 360k

Raising B means that A has a decent hand or is he just trying to steal. With the right connectors, A can ring, but with K-K A does it better:

  • And goes back to 1.49 m.
  • Call 840k

Now A is playing his K-K in a more normal way. He makes the pot bigger. He says: “I challenge you!” If your increase were small (for example, an increase of only 720 thousand), It would be “I want to call,” not “I dare,” and B could call, but A has nothing to worry about if B calls if the ace fails.

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But he does not want to call. Well, if B goes away (which is expected if B has no hand, but he wants B to bluff and pushes it).

B, meanwhile, thinks of something. Since raising A comes from a limit, B might think that the second is a hoax (and it’s good for A if he knows that this is what B thinks about). So what does B do?

  • B moves everything to
  • Call 3.76m

Now B is the one who dares A! I could have thought of any of them:

(1) B tried to fool me? (He cannot if he wants him to do this).

(2) B caught me with four bets with A-A? or kk? (There is a small opportunity.)

(3) How much will I invest? In the beginning, had 10.7 million, and am going to invest 5.3 million — about half of my stack. But I still try to knock him out.

(4) Did B have ah? (Most likely, they do it all the time. However, feel slightly embarrassed if it costs half of my stack).

But A did not, because he immediately called. Also, would have thought: “My tricks were successful. you caught it. Now he is finished. “

Flame 3.76 m (pot about 12 million)

Three bets and four bets almost always mean A-A, K-K or a few brave players, A-K or Q-Q.

B had AQ, which is not good for a call (And he could find that B had AQ, so he came back instead of catching, if he just called, the ace could fall, and he could not continue KK), but it is even worse to be in hand with many ups and downs.

However, luck has the last word in this hand.

The board ended with Js-7h-3s-Ad-Qd, which ensured B.’s victory.


To be good in Judi Bola games, it takes a lot of practice, these kinds of games that can only be obtained in many real games, and it is a fact to lose a lot to learn!