If you want to do something serious about your blackjack game, you might be interested in becoming an Advantage Blackjack player. However, this type of play is not very simple, and for those who want to take it seriously, a lot of work needs to be done to master a good strategy at xe88.

As many people know, the advantage of a casino is always very significant in any casino game, including blackjack. However, there are players who face the house with strategies that reduce the advantage of the house and increase them. The most common of these strategies is card counting, and a player who can master this strategy is called a blackjack advantage player because they change the chances of an advantage in favor of themselves.

Traditional card counting is a very technical strategy that requires a lot of skill and discipline.

The ability to track a card shoe with six, seven, eight decks of cards, sometimes, even more, is what a person needs to succeed. Nevertheless, these players with a rigid system still know that, no matter how skilled the person is, luck is not always on their side, and difficult times will come. The fact that they know this keeps them in control and prepares for the storm and allows them to confront it. They know that if they cling to their system, they will eventually reach the top. This makes them responsible players who are prepared for any circumstance.

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But, like everything that exists, a rigid system has a similar “simple” mode that imitates its tactics to give the player an advantage, without spending all the time for an ordinary player to spend on learning a complex map tracking system. These so-called EZ systems offer something you can learn in a few hours. These EZ systems base their technique on the same principle of card counting but focus only on key cards in the game. Since the rest of the batch is not taken into account, the system becomes much more comfortable to master. However, this system can be a double-edged sword for a player who wants to learn it, because it makes people think that they are now as good as semi-professionals, and this is not so.


Although this system enhances a player’s advantage, it will never be as good as a more complex system that lasts longer than simple operation. Also, the EZ system tricks people into believing that they can now start making fortunes and encourage them to make stupid bets that otherwise would not have been made, and thus become irresponsible if the person is not well prepared. ,