If you have been an online casino patron for quite some time, and have claimed different kinds of bonuses, you will most likely be familiar with online casino wagering requirements. These displeasing but fair stipulations are included in online casino bonuses. And without these wagering requirements, there would only be a few online promotions and bonuses for players like you. But what exactly are these, and how do these work? For further understanding, check out below some helpful details.

Wagering requirements

Almost all bonuses a player will receive from playing at online casinos will come with wagering requirements. These wagering requirements state how much money you need to stake in order for you to get your bonus. These also clearly direct and state that players need to wager their bonus amount and play a few times before they can withdraw their winnings. Why?

Generally, there is a simple reason why casinos have wagering requirements. Without wagering requirements, a player could simply claim cash bonuses, and then withdraw it, fleeing away with the casino’s cash, and leaving them nothing in return. By having wagering requirements, you are required to spend the bonus you received, and can’t simply withdraw it.

Tiered Wagering Requirements

Some online casinos will offer the so-called ‘tiered wagering requirements’. These are staggered collections of payments that require you to meet a wagering requirement within a certain time in order to access the total worth of bonuses.

Most often, the first-time limit will be set within seven days, then 30 days and then 60 days.


Keep an eye on your wagering requirements and how much you have left to stake

You should always keep an eye on your wagering requirements. After a big win, you may wish to withdraw your winnings. However, you won’t be able to do that If you haven’t fulfilled your wagering requirements. Most online casinos reveal how much you left to wager either through your account page or the withdrawal screen. If none, you can contact customer support to know how soon you can withdraw your earnings.

How do you get these down?

For you to get your wagering requirements down, you simply need to wager on your preferred games. 918kiss slots generally count best towards those requirements, though it is also possible that poker, card games, and other games count lower. Some games like live dealer games and others may not count at all towards wagering requirements.

When do you incur these?

Most of the time, when you claim a bonus at an online casino, you will be accepting new wagering requirements. It is often advised not to claim new bonuses until you fulfill the wagering requirements of the previous bonus you received. Before claiming any bonus, remember to always read the terms and conditions to see what the wagering requirements for that certain offer are.

Wagering requirement-free bonuses

Some online casino bonuses and rewards are free of wagering requirements. These rare deals are often low or little amounts of cash, loyalty bonuses for instance. If you get an offer that comes free of wagering requirements, claim it. Just remember to check the terms and conditions of any casino bonus offer you plan to claim to double-check.