As a fan of blackjack, I played in various online casinos. Of course, it’s nice to see some casinos trying to present a real blackjack card game. However, for me this is not the most important aspect. I play online to feel comfortable in my living room, as well as the flexibility and speed that are not found in traditional casinos.

Slot machines and dice

Besides some slot machines and dice, I usually only play blackjack. My friend sent me to the Casino. This is a fairly new casino, I think they started working in 2009, but they are very professional. Since my friend recommended me at Casino, we both received a special recommendation bonus, which I could immediately use at Blackjack tables.

My first blackjack games at Casino did not go as planned, I did not adapt to the Casino interface and, therefore, pressed several times, which cost me a couple of dollars. But after 10 minutes, I really got used to Casino and began to really appreciate the software. The interface is fast and clear, and important buttons are more than less important buttons. As soon as I got acquainted with the software, I decided to try my luck and moved to the upper limit of the blackjack table.

Professional Online Casino

From the lobby it was very easy to move around different borders, and soon I went to the blackjack tables for $ 10. In the meantime, my computer sent me the messages necessary to back up, which I decided to postpone for 1 hour. Back at Casino, I had to make my first bets before the dealer could start playing cards. My first hand began with eight and three, the perfect start! With a dealer also hitting an ace, he was determined to hit blackjack immediately. With a nine as my third card, I celebrated a bit inside, but was still not safe. The dealer slowly turned his card over, it was a five, so he decided (automatically) to press another card, this time it was a figure eight, and the dealer went bankrupt! I made a profit of $ 10 on my first hand within these limits, and I liked it!

As a result, I played three hours in a row at the blackjack tables at Casino, it was really exciting, and although I had some ups and downs, I made a small profit (a little over $ 500), which I left on my account the next day.


Playing blackjack at newest bonus for casumo really brought me the joy that a casino should provide. It was an intuitive and well-designed interface that definitely met all my expectations. A few weeks later, I unexpectedly received an email from Casino, in which I received a reload bonus if I decided to return to the blackjack tables, what a wonderful way to contact your customers!