Once you choose a poker room, create an account there. Remember: always use your real data! Otherwise you will have problems depositing money and you will certainly not be able to withdraw your winnings. Most poker rooms offer a dozen or so and several dozen ways to deposit money into a poker account. Of course, the most popular are credit and debit cards. However, you can use a bank transfer or electronic wallet. It should be remembered, of course, that payments are serviced by third parties, which are regulated by financial laws. Thanks to this, the transfer of money is safe and you do not have to worry that our credit card details will be in the wrong hands. Depositing money QQ Online is very easy. After the account is created, all you have to do is enter your card details or make a transfer.

QQ Online

Electronic wallets Electronic wallets are very popular among poker players.

They are a very convenient and safe way to handle money online. Wallets are a kind of banks, which, however, do not give interest on the accumulated funds, but offer full anonymity of transactions and lack of any control of French  tax and customs offices. The most popular wallets are QQ Online  (former Money bookers), which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, Neteller and Paypal . Electronic wallets are regulated by the financial supervision of the country in which they are registered.. These are companies with many years of experience and many millions of customers.. Wallets are also a great way to remain completely invisible to the French  financial system. Suppose you just won $ 20,000 in a poker tournament. From the point of view of french law, this is unfortunately illegal money, so a transfer to a bank account could end up being seized by the tax office. However, thanks to the electronic wallet, you can easily withdraw them from an ATM or pay in stores and not feel any pressure. So if you want to play for larger amounts and count on bigger winnings – the best way is an electronic wallet. However, if you want to play for small amounts – up to $ 500, then you can easily skip this step and use your account or your credit card.

Payments and verification

Payments only after verification When you want to withdraw funds from a poker room for the first time, you will need to go through the verification process. This is a one-time action involving the verification of your personal data. This is not an obstacle to payment, but a process that prevents embezzlement, fraud, money laundering and juvenile play. The verification process usually lasts up to 24 hours after you send the documents specified in the regulations. They are usually: ID card scan – two pages that confirm your name. Bill scan (electricity, gas, internet) – confirmation of home address. There may also be correspondence from the bank showing your address. Credit card scan from which payment was made – only some poker rooms request this document. Remember to blur the CCV number on the scan, which verification does not need, and this is security for you..