Do you envy online poker players that are always featured because of their big winnings? Do you want to follow their path? Well, you are not alone; in fact, the majority of online poker players are not just there for recreation, a huge number of them are just like you, to become great in online poker.

However, it is not as easy as it seems. Compared to the conventional poker where you can incorporate a lot of strategies and techniques to outsmart your opponent, however, in online poker, you will encounter whole new gameplay that will leave you overwhelmed for most of the time.

Before you get discouraged though, just imagine the successful professional online poker players; just like you, they also started at the bottom, but they worked their butts off to become better every day until they reached their ultimate goal which is earning more money in online poker.


Well, becoming better in the more difficult version of poker is not an overnight success. It actually takes a lot of effort, time, and studying until you unlock a lot of strategies and techniques essential to winning money.

To give you a good start, here are some simple tips that you can follow from

  1. Focus on a single strategy initially– Do not put your mind on the money at stake, you should focus first on your strategy to win the game meaning, you should not be too risky to averse and force yourself to fold especially if you only have a medium stack on your disposal, instead you should pressure other players to limp their stack. As you gain momentum, you can increase your stack anew to make it look good with kings and aces that could be shuffled and pick spots and start to pressure your opponents in their medium stacks.
  2. Be patient always– During the early stages of playing online poker, you should shuffle up and practice patience. There is no need to rush knowing that you cannot tell what your opponent will do next. Play conservatively and always observe your surroundings.
  3. Change your strategies if it’s not effective anymore– Your strategy may have worked the first time you use it, however, that does not mean it will work repeatedly in the next sessions of online poker99 to come which is why you should change your strategy because who knows, one of the players might have guessed your strategy.

4.      Try stacking sizes differently– You will surely notice that there is a wide array of different stacks that are correlated to the size of the blinds compared to the ones that you have started early in the game that is why it is best to come up with a strategy on playing stack sizes differently; you can either go for a short stack composed of less than 15 large blinds where your only option is to go all-in. Do not raise or fold your stack since most players can easily tell that you are bluffing that is why you will double your stack up to 25 big blinds even though it is risky, your opponents might feel intimidated by your strategy.