Brick and mortar casinos need to go through a rigorous process before they can open their doors. There are accredited gaming authorities that continue to monitor the safety, security, and fairness of brick and mortar casinos. With this, you can play with confidence and peace of mind.

While brick and mortar casinos provide good checks and balances, online gaming proves to be a challenge for there are many rogue casinos waiting for many players. Although there are online gaming authorities and licensors, some are laxer than others. This means that the casinos they supervise have more margin for error.

To help you check the safety, security, and fairness of a Australian Online Casinos, you should consider the following:

Encryption software

A secured online casino boasts of state-of-the-art data encryption technology. This means that all information including financial transactions between the browser and the server remains private.

  • End-to-end encryption: end-to-end encryption seeks to scramble the data into unbreakable codes. This can be deciphered by the account or machine of the intended recipient.
  • Use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer): SSL is the technology that major banks use. The SSL technology is utilised to establish an encrypted connection between a web server and an Internet browser. Mostly, online casinos utilise 128-bit or 256-bit encryptions.

The RNG (Random Number Generator)

When it comes to determining the fairness of online casinos, you should understand RNG. RNG has algorithms that do not need any outside input. Instead, it utilises a seed number. When the seed number and algorithm are combined, the results appear random. The algorithm and seed number are unknown, which can prevent hacking.

To ensure that everything is as it should be, 3rd party companies need to test RNGs for fairness. The most popular 3rd party company is TST (Technical Systems Testing). If the casino passes, they will get a badge. They can put the badge on their website. For instance, TST post latest information about every company. It will also include their payout percentage.

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Auditing bodies and commissions

A reputable online casino has a gaming license, which is granted by powerful organisations or even the government. Aside from that, the casino is subjected to regular auditing by an independent auditing company. You should look for casino sites that are audited by eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), which is internationally known.

You should also consider TST as mentioned earlier. It can test the compliance of different casino sites. A reputable website will be transparent. With this, they will publish the results of their audits or make it available to players. Keep in mind that the safest online casinos have nothing to hide.

Final words

At the bare minimum, you should be wary if the site does not have audit information or license. It is best to look for reviews at the onset so you will know what Best Australian Casinos to consider. There are some reviews that give recommendations that guarantee a seamless gaming experience.