IN these ages of computerized living, there is every proof that we in our better days. We deserve to be this way. We have worked hard for our life. We are really advanced and modernized. our lives are our own to protect and enjoy. We are no longer backward and primitive like I those gone days and years. We are now happy. The nay challenges and difficulties that technology has gone through confirming that we are now better off.Hurdles are there to be tackled. We have now achieved just a lot. Our lives are really transformed. The poker Indonesia show that we in our better days and times. Our days have a lot of computer games. These online games are truly useful to us. Many people are winning money through them. The games enable people to spend their leisure time in a better way.

These computer games have also attracted cyber-crimes. We are really concerned about this. These crimes must be eliminated all of them.We must be free from bad days. The security agents must help us fight these crimes .the society must unite with the security officers to ensure we share useful information that can help in dealing with these crimes. The police must also stop taking bribes.

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Action must be taken against those police officers who are spotted taking bribes. Corruption has space in our lives. We must be a better society. We don’t need corruption.Our society must be safe and secure. We just need our freedom back .without technology there could be no schools, hospitals, vehicles, smartphones, just to mention but a few. We must have a better life. Our cultures are changed. Our lifestyles have changed. The changes a very many, and being caused by technology. Everywhere you go people talk of technology.

The word technology is now on everybody’s mouth WE shall fight our own battle until we win. Technology has really changed everything in our lives. we appreciate and recognize technology in many ways than one. Our lives must be safe .technology must help us in improving our security systems to ensure we are able to track and arrest the fake security officers. We should also deal with those officers who are corrupt .let us not get discouraged. We must be determined and courageous in fighting corruption.The battle can be won, if we involve everyone in the fight. The crimes will soon be the things of the past. If we allow corruption to continue,  crimes will not be easily won.