Candy Crush is a really fun yet very challenging game that people of all ages play. This game has about 530 levels and each level contain a certain number of lives that the player can use during the game. These 530 levels are divided into thirty-six episodes, each one different. Well, some of these levels are pretty easy to complete, but some are really very difficult and require a lot of clever moves to get through. One of these difficult levels is level 70. If you ask me about my personal experience, I will definitely share a fact with you. When I got to this level it became easier to crush candy and I went through all the previous levels with a few good moves, but I had a hard time removing this one. This level became a headache for me, and the more I used guessing, the more difficult the results I got, I finally began to look for an option that could help me pass this level.

That option was to find the best tips for overcoming level 70 สล็อตแคนดี้. So, I thought it was better to help people who have reached this level and are struggling to overcome it. There are several basic strategies you should follow, and these strategies will tell you how you can get through this tricky gelatinous section. These strategies, or you can say, Tips for Overcoming Level 70 Candy Crush are:

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When starting this level, try to clear all the jellies that are present on the right side of the board, but in this first step you need to consider one important thing: you need to make possible combinations without dropping chocolate bars or breaking licorice. This is due to the fact that the moment the licorice breaks down, the number of chocolate bars will begin to increase.

After that, start making special sweets. You should focus on making striped sprinkles and specialty chocolates. Both will help you hit the right side to keep the chocolate bars from taking over. Again, remember, if you make any movements near the chocolate bar, it won’t multiply by the number. So when you have the opportunity to get close to him, do not miss him. You can get a good comment.

So remember these important tips and play this level. You will see how wonderful you can do it after such clever moves. In addition, it is also necessary to monitor the movement of the sweets, that is, check which side they fill the board from. It will help you play this Candy Pop game much easier.

To find out more about these tips, you can search websites that help sweets to pass each level with high scores.