Online poker is a game of pokerthat can be played over the internet. As we all know that the number of online poker gamers has been increasing since the PokerQQ was brought into themarket in January of 1998 as we allcame to know. And as per the record, the Christiansen capital advisor has started their investment with $82.7 million dollars in the year 2001to the $2.4billion dollars in the year 2005 with a good profit and the USA was estimated that one of every four dollars are gambled one’s.


As in the late 1990s, the poker game was played for free in the form of IRC. And the planet poker was the first online card room which offered the real money in the year 1998 January 1. And John Caro became the face of the planet poker by the very next year 1999. And the PokerQQ  gaming website will gain their money through the 4 was and they were rake type and sit and go table tournaments and next type was sides games type which means which gives games on their websites like blackjack and roulette and the next type was in the format of the institution.


Poker software

The online poker game will use different software such an integrated software which means cross-platform such as java Applet or WebGL. Which is helpful to run in almost every OS of the computer like Linux, Windows,macOS. And few websites offered apps for the smartphone and PDA too. And there any player can play when there is a stable Wi-Fi or mobile data.


When it comes to legality in some countries it was legally not a crime and in some countries, it was a crime. For example the USA has legally approved that the poker game was not gambling it was one of the gaming skills and if you take the Australian government has banned the license for the poker game as it was not a good thing to the people of Australia and Nevada was the first country to give the physical entrance to the online poker game at the age of 21. Such a way the legality of the game depends.


According to me that the poker is a game that doesn’t come under any gambling and the online poker game is such a great game with the benefits as well as the losses too and by keeping the losses aside the poker game is worth playing.