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Table games

The online baccarat 

This casino game is the cousin of blackjack. It is played against a dealer and asks the player to have the winning combinations in his hand.

The online blackjack

Rules of this game are simple and it is a very famous board game, which is played against the dealer needs to know the basics of the fingertips in order to then develop strategies that allow you to win.

The online roulette

It is nicknamed “the Queen of the casinos,” and it’s not for nothing! Since the appearance of virtual operators, it has remained a real must in online casinos. It gives chills and can make you rich in an instant.

The sicbo

If you are big fans of dice games, this game is necessarily for you! Originating in Asia, this game of chance has crossed the borders of Macau to impose itself on the best online casinos. Three dice are enough to win the jackpot!

Online Gambling Games

The craps

Throughout history, the rule of this game have changed. Based on your dice game, craps is particularly popular in the United States. In recent years, it has also seen an increase in popularity in online casinos: we invite you to discover why …

The online poker

This is one of the popular games in online and land-based casino. Gamblers adore this game. There are various kinds of poker games available in the casinos. Video poker, Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, 2-7 Triple Draw, 5 Card Draw, Chinese Poker are some of the popular variants of this amazing casino game.

Lottery games category

The online keno

This lottery game is known as the cousin lotto and bingo, and it is popular among the players. As keno relies heavily on chance, you won’t need to know much to be a keno ace.

The online bingo

Here’s another lottery game played in online casinos. This game is available in a lot of different variants, the number of balls with which it varies.

The online scratch games

Decked out with multiple nicknames, these are the most popular casino games in the “chance” category. But since their principle has been adapted online, many features allow you to earn even more money.