We all game to win, even though we are fully aware that it is always a gamble. What if I told you that there are certain measures you can implement to ensure that the odds are in your favor? Here are some tips that will guarantee you a win in 918kiss slots, or even the jackpot!

Avoid emotions

The firstrule of playing online slots are to play with reason, not emotion. Pout in money that you can afford to lose, and do not get lost in the fun of playing online slots. Even if the game does not go how you expected it, do not get carried away and invest beyond your budget.

Never play with “full account”

Never play full count unless you have to, especially on machines that are equal distributors or straight multipliers. If a machine says that you play 100 coins for one con, do not put extra coins in the game because it does not win you anything extra.

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Bet with maximum number of coins

If you play on progressive machines, be sure to play the maximum coins to win the maximum jackpot. If you chose not to play the maximum coins, you are probably just fattening the bonus or jackpot for another player. That should be the most disappointing thing for a player!

Most importantly, please read the directions on the multiline games as carefully as you can. Every coin that goes into the game holds the potential to open new winnings. Be confident in yourself, figure out what you want to win, and then play the appropriate number of coins to win the win you have been eyeing.

Nothing like slot cycle

Do not be fooled, there is nothing like slot cycles. Nobody can figure out the cycles of 918kiss machines and predict a win for themselves. If you approach the game with such a mentality, you are bound to be disappointed if things do not turn out as you expected. On this point, please do not fall victim of the tricks played by some vendors to convince you that they can sell you winning slots. Nobody has the mathematical formula to predict which slot will win, and which one will lose. Stick to playing the game independently.


The size of jackpots in slot machines is different from other casino games. You may be lucky in the game or not because millions of other people are eyeing the same price as you are. If you get the lucky shot, bank it and enjoy your profits. Remember not to cash them all in. Good luck!