Since many people master the art of card game fraud, it has become commonplace in every card game. Surprisingly, there is evidence of fraud. Many experienced card players themselves know how to cheat. They need to keep up with changing trends, as well as new ways to cheat in card games. There is also special evidence for them. Some companies and sites also offer beginners a guide to using card game fraud.

There are different scam methods for various card games, one of which uses a marked card deck.

Cards that have been illegally changed so that their values ​​are visible on the back are called distinctive cards. This is the most popular way to cheat in card games. Marking on these cards means drawing on the back of the card, a picture that reads, scratches, or makes the mark visible, but not visible on the cards, etc.

Many professional scammers have already acquired playing skills using premium cards. It is important not to see special cards from other players. This is achieved, as a rule, by placing subjective markers on the map and verifying that the marker will not be noticeable.

Experienced players or scammers already know which card can be crucial in the game, and they can quickly identify a card from a set of cards. Thus, they can mark high cards first or in any other way. Even a slight bend on the side of the card makes it easy to select a specific card during the game.

There are different ways to make a special card. One method is shading. Shading as a name means shading or increasing the thickness of some parts of a complex map, and therefore distinguishes between data for notification in its sense. Tags created using this shader system are displayed with a filter, which is usually attached to scam points. This will allow fraudsters to quickly identify the distinguishing card, and other players will never know if a suspicious atmosphere has been created.

 poker cheating devices

Nicking is another way to play with marked cards. It is a process where a player cuts out a small part of a map without any notice. This can also be done by marking the nails. Scoring can be done several times for several cards. It depends on the effectiveness and experience of the player. You can also click on the same card several times, depending on how it is selected and how it is made.

Daubing is another scam method used when playing with distinctive cards, including using ink and a substance called a maser. This is a way to mark the sides of the card or anywhere on the card with a special ink. Here again, the use of glasses is required to track the tracks easily. There are glasses specifically designed to handle this marked card.

The crimping angle is another way to use premium cards. Thus, the fraudster takes the card that he wants to recognize, then puts on the card, making a mark on it, for example, thumbnail tracking. Some scammers who carefully tag the tag may tag different marked cards at the same time when the shuffle is complete. The player can easily recognize this tag during the game.

Selected cards are increasingly used in many poker games by many people. It is a fact that people begin to learn the game along with cheating methods. Thus, there is a slight difference between experienced and new players who use premium cards. Identified cards also play an essential role in analyzing how tricks are used wisely and how often they are used for fraud without falling. Thus, there is also the question of intelligence and wisdom and playing with the harsh truth of deceit.