In order to make a difference, we must first remember what it is and what it consists of. The RAE defines poker as follows:

“Poker: Card game in which each player receives five cards. It is game of envite, and wins who gathers the superior combination between the several established ones. “

Online poker vs offline poker

As you know, for a few years there has been situs judi bola online poker. Opinions on this vary greatly from one player to another.

Some people think that playing online poker is not so real since you cannot see the face of your opponent. Those who are of this opinion believe that playing online you can not take advantage of your skills and abilities in the same way.

– However, some professionals say that the looks and all that game that can surround poker at a traditional table is more movie than anything else, and that in fact, online poker has nothing to envy to the traditional but rather the opposite.

Playing online casino games

The skill factor

Skill, dexterity, aptitude, ability … Call it what you want, but keep it in mind.

Imagine that you like tennis and you play a game with Poker You may be very good, but poker is poker  and honestly the odds that you win are very low. Yes, it is not impossible, you may win a set, but it would be impossible for you to win in a tournament .

With this, what we want to say is that in sports and in many other activities, luck plays a very small role, if not nonexistent.

We’re very sorry, but if you lost a game of paddle yesterday, it’s not because you were not lucky .

Something similar-and we say similar-occurs in poker. If you’re good, or at least the best at the table, chances are you win. We say probable because in poker luck plays a fundamental factor.

The luck factor

  • For us, poker is a combination of both factors. Neither one nor another separately will make you a star player.
  • In the long term, the good player will always win, that is, the one with the most skills and knowledge of the game. It is true that the beginner’s luck can exist, but never in the long term.
  • Now you know, try to develop your skills to the fullest and luck is with you.