In today’s society, people always look ways to make extra money by any means. Even if the methods are not right, people don’t mind going in that direction. This mainly aggravates the corruption in the lower class income people. They are unfairly burdened with the lottery costs because they are lured into buying the tickets. They are shown dreams of the life where they can get financial stability and also get that money without any hard work. But people from higher class also buy the same tickets and bribe the state officials for the prize money. This leads to lot of depression and frustration in the lower class people. Even if they somehow win a small lottery amount, a huge percentage of it goes to the government as tax payment. So, with these lottery resultsnothing changes. The rich remains the rich and the poor remains the poor even after the lottery is conducted with lots of noble cause to support in www.hauy .com.

The state also has raised serious concerns regarding the heavy lottery resultsplayed by less-educated and the lower income class people. People conducting the lotteries know of these shortcomings and take advantage of the situation. They open many lottery outlets in the neighborhood of the lower income class people. There are constant sale of tickets on these booths and despite people having difficulty in raising money go for the purchase of lottery tickets. These poor neighborhoods suffer from basic amenities like sanitation and food, but lottery is heavily played in hope of winning big money.

Lotto tickets are sold on cheaper rates in these areas as compared to the other booths in the city. People go on to buy multiple tickets if the prices of the tickets are little cheaper in order to increase their probability of winning big jackpot.

There are studies which actually prove that the lottery amount mainly comes from these areas and they are highly accustomed to setting up the lottery booths. These poor neighbourhoods actually fetch more money than any other poverty-ridden areas where the booth is set up. The wealthy neighbourhoods have less retailers and stores selling these lotto tickets as compared to retailers in poor and lower income class areas. There ratio was almost equal to four is to one when the retailers proportion was calculated. This was a shocking revelation for the people actually conducting หวยสัญจร .ชัยภูมิ and the state government.