Do you play the game of reels or what they call slots? Finally, the online version of slots can be played in  kiss918. The slot game is played like in the physical slot machine. But, you will not pull the lever to start spinning. Instead, you will press the bet amount or the play button to start the reels spinning. All slot variants have the same main instructions. After you click the spin button, the slot machine will do the rest. The game doesn’t require any strategy or skill. Winning is based on chance and luck, yet the slots are appealing to the players. Why? Slots are perfect for all players of all levels.

The slot pay lines

Match identical symbols to win, which is called win line or pay line. At, pay lines will be in the following order:

  • In a zigzag pattern
  • In a row
  • In a V shape
  • Diagonally

The winning symbols vary as well as the pay lines, both weighted differently in every spin. Some slots don’t use pay lines, instead, it is based on payout on the number of symbols on the reels.

Scatter and wild symbols

Several slot games include wild symbols. It uses special symbol substitutes for the other symbols to help create a winning line. If the wild symbol is a Tiger and your pay line appears Lion-Tiger-Lion, the Tiger counts as a Lion symbol to win. Scatter symbols may also appear randomly, with a variety of outcomes. It doesn’t need to be in the pay line to activate. The scatter symbol triggers both the counts as Wild and bonus round, substituting all the symbols. The fully automated slots offer a fair game. Free spins are additional ways to win for free. So, the player doesn’t need to pay to add excitement to the game.

Free spins – how it works?

There are many ways to trigger free spins, such as:

  • Land a specific set of symbols
  • Awarded at random
  • Collecting several symbols
  • Fill up a free spin meter in the game

For example, in the lucky slot, if 3 7 symbols land on the reels, the free spins feature is activated. But, the other slot variants have their way of activating the free spin feature.

Playing slots online is very much simple and easy. You will not face any complicated instructions. The best description of the game is spin and win. If you are ready to win, it means you are ready to win.