Who is a poker agent? What do they do?

Poker agents are the leaders of the poker community.

Poker agents get paid when a poker deal is completed, which involves around 3-4 months of negotiating, calls, email before getting the agreement. Even when the deal is done most of the time the payments are not materialized for several months. So the poker agents choose their clients wisely as there is a lot of time and resources to be invested in it.

Most of the poker players feel that an agent takes a huge percentage of the deal. But they do deserve it as they are giving months of input so it is worth that. A poker agent of pokervqq arranges interviews, does contract negotiations, chases payment etc for his client. They market their clients to poker tours and TV shows which adds substantial value to the deal of the player. Some players choose to go on with the deal on their own while some choose poker agents. It all depends on the choice of the client and how much time and money he can put in.

Deciding about the requirement of poker agent or good to go on own

Are you organized and have time? – You must have the necessary time and commitment to give prompt reply to sponsors, interviews from websites and magazines.

Communication skills –Good communication skills can help you strike a deal comfortably.

Is it worth your time – ask yourself whether you can earn more via the deal or by playing poker? If the deal demands more time than you can afford, you can assign it to someone.

Leave it to the professionals – most of the sponsors consider agencies seriously as compared to individuals as they have better market knowledge. Most of the agencies are having the existing relationships with sponsors.

Finding an agency – Find an agent with whom you have a good rapport. Also, pay attention to the fees or percentage structure. Usually, it should be between 10-20% of the deal amount. Read reviews and take feedback from their previous clients of pokervqq.

Attitude – Do you have the experience and attitude of getting the deal. Sponsors look out for a lot of the people they are risking their money on. Few months or days of experience of playing poker will not help. If you have played poker for a living for years together then opt for deals.