Like most Poker variations, this game uses a standard deck of fifty-two playing cards. It also incorporates the use of wild cards for each player. Wild cards or kill cards make the games more challenging to win. Most traditional poker games only accept four players to play the game. Monterey Poker can have from four to seven players.


  • Each player will put an ante wager into the pot.
  • The dealer will give each player three cards facing down.
  • Players will place bets during the betting round.
  • Each player will then turn over a card after the betting round.
  • The player with the highest ranking card will start the next betting round.
  • The dealer will deal a fourth card facing up.
  • The player with the highest poker hand will start the next betting round.
  • The game continues with the dealer dealing the fifth and sixth cards facing up. Betting rounds goes the same way as before between those two deals.
  • The dealer will then put a seventh card face down. It will act as a wild card. Another betting round will follow.
  • The winner will be the player with the best poker hand.


You can only know what the wildcards in Monterey Poker are when the dealer deals the final cards to each player. Most players tend to stay longer because they have no idea how many wild cards they will hold until the final card. Players make big bets on the last betting round once they receive their final card.

Straight flushes, royal flushes, and five-of-a-kind are quite common as winning hands. This is because of the wild cards in the game. It would be best to make sure your hand is equal to one of those three when you bet on the last round. If not, it would be ideal to check or fold.

Keep your cards hidden if you have pairs early on in the game. The final card might match those cards. Hiding the strength in your hand is a great strategy in this game.

The hand you declare you have is what you must use when it is time to show hands. It would be bad if you make a mistake and call out a weaker hand when you actually have a stronger hand available. Make sure you check your hand well.

Aside from Monterey Poker, there are so many poker variations you can try. Irish Poker, QQ Online, Shifting Sands, Sevens Take All, Cincinnati, and Lazy Pineapple are all great poker games. They may not be as well-known as Texas Hold’em and Omaha but they are all as great. The uniqueness of these games are what sets them apart from traditional poker games. They are all worth trying for a splendid poker gaming experience.