In the beginning, you have to highlight one very important thing – the level of online games is higher than the level of live games. In the network, we find poker players who live from the game at low stakes and are doing very well. This means that a novice player who just wants to enter the world of online poker should look for a place where opponents will not be much better than him. You can have luck in the short run, and then you can win a lot, however, situs poker idn   in the long run, a better player.

poker idnDeposit additional benefit

This is the nearly everyone ordinary type of additional benefit. When you deposit – usually the first – the poker room gives us a bonus, which is some multiple of our deposit. For example, when a player deposits $ 100 at Poker Stars, he receives a $ 100 bonus. However, this does not mean that he receives this money right away! The player’s account will not have $ 200 to play. This is a bonus that the player must make by playing on the poker tables. Get free money During the game; the poker room always charges a commission – whether it is a cash table or a tournament. In the former, situs poker idn we have the so-called rake, while in fee tournaments. Rake is a percentage of the commission from the pool, while Fee is a one-time tournament fee. That is why sports are always entered into two numbers, for example, $ 10 + $ 1. This means that $ 10 lands in the pot and $ 1 is the commission for the operator. Rake, on the other hand, is usually between 2% and 5% from the pot.

Two players generated a pot of $ 10, then the poker room draws from 20c to 50c, and the rest lands at one of the poker players. It is thanks to the commissions that we earn loyalty points that release bonus installments from the payment. The more commission we pay, the more this bonus will be credited to your account. This is “making a bonus. Some poker rooms offer amazing bonuses. Some tempt us with offers in the style of 1000%, i.e., for a deposit of $ 100, we get a bonus of $ 1000 to earn. Where’s the catch? In such cases, it is usually an unfavorable ratio between the commission earned and the bonus installments. Making such a promotion is then practically impossible by beginner players and those who sit at low rates. The second property of such a bonus is the time frame in which it is valid. It is usually 30 to 90 days. If the player does not fit in with the whole, then the rest is simply lost in the world.