Sitting down for a live poker game can be very difficult for a beginner, not only should you focus on the game in question, but there are also betting procedures and etiquette on the table that you must consider. These factors are combined with the fact that other players at the table will not do their best to make you feel welcome or comfortable, and it is not surprising that most rookie poker players connect today to get to know the game.

 Fans and experts believe that playing poker online has many more advantages.

First of all, there are games for fictitious money, which are a good way to learn the rules and procedures for betting on poker, where a deposit is not required.

Second, the low racks and the lack of advice from distributors: many poker room operators earn money by charging a commission or a rake with each hand. Online poker rooms have less overhead and, therefore, can charge lower racks than real poker rooms. The tips of the dealers are also not important for online poker, since there are no distributors.

Third, due to the lower overall costs, online poker rooms can afford to offer attractive bonuses and (or) free rolls: tournaments without entry fees, but with cash prizes offered by the site, to new or frequent players.

Fourth, you can play more hands per hour. Due to the faster distribution rate, shuffling cards and instant bets, Pkv plays much faster, about twice as fast as in a real game.

Poker Online

Fifth, there is a wide range of different types of games, bet sizes, and they are available at any time. You can play regular games, tournaments or heads-up games (one on one) with very low bets and no limits.

Sixth, and finally, the online software allows you to compile useful statistics, for example, how much you earn (or loss) per hour, what percentage of hands you see on the flop and what percentage of banks you earn in the showdown. It also allows you to take notes about your opponents for future use in other games.

Before registering on the online poker site, it is advisable to conduct a study. Make sure that the site you are interested in is licensed, has a strong reputation in the online gaming community and offers reliable customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you find a site that offers all these things, you can download its software and try to participate in some money games to familiarize yourself with this technology.


Before breaking with the money earned with effort and making a deposit, try to start a conversation with some players of the site and ask them what they think about the site and if they received their payments without incident. Over the years, innumerable versions of poker have appeared, and many of them can be found on online poker sites.