Poker has become one of the world’s greatest and most played games. And no, the online pokers are definitely not just new. They have been around for some time now and there are many players around the globe.

Back in the days, poker was only played behind the casinos and bars, wherein only the rich were able to pay due to them being the only ones who could pay bets with their money. But starting back in 2003, poker has become famous for being an online or internet game rather than being in Las Vegas. Truth be told, a live game is still much different, giving you another level of high, but it is more convenient when playing online.

Below are some advantages that will convince you to play online poker:

  1. Access the game any time: The game can be played at your most convenient time. Morning, noon, or evening, they are all open 24/7. What is great is that some poker sites allow you to play any hour of any day of any week of any month and of any year. Play at any time you want, there are no limitations.
  1. You are pretty much like a virtual assistant: You may have heard of those assistants who work from home, well, you can also play poker at your own home. May it be in your bedroom without jumping into new clothes, in the kitchen with a sloppy peanut butter sandwich, or anywhere really. There is no need to fret when it comes to your spending money for food, tips, and whatnot.
  1. Performance matters: Dealers in casinos have different speeds, as slow as a turtle or as fast as a tiger. However, internet pokers can definitely give you fast dealers, no need to miss any action at any rate. A plus side is that rules are always followed, every chip is accounted for.


  1. Be the boss man/woman you are: Simply put, internet pokers give you the power to choose what game you would like to play. You lose limited choices in casinos.
  1. Finances? Yes. But not now. Maybe later: There are games that online poker sites can offer you that fit your budget.
  1. Multi-tasking is like a game…because it can be like one: It is possible to play more than one game at a time in online poker. Note that you have to remember which table is which, you do not want to lose any money, right?
  1. Hide but do not forget to seek: While poker in real-life allows you to take advantage of seeing your opponents’ movements, the disadvantage is that they can also see yours. But with online poker, you can keep your movements to yourself, and your opponents will be able to do it as well.
  1. Challenges everywhere: It is fun to play poker with family and friends, it is a good sport. But at some point, you know all their moves and they become boring playmates. In online poker, however, you can go against anyone in the world. New. Exciting. A game that changes your perspective on always winning. Scary, but something new.

Take a look at judi poker, you could be having some fun. Maybe a lot more fun than you think.