Chinese poker or Capsa Susun is another variation of the poker game that is unlike others. But, if you are well versed with poker hand rankings that are normally used, then you will do just fine. Capsa Susun takes the traditional poker game and makes it more exciting.

Players receive 13 cards to start with. Once players have their cards, they need to divide it into three different hands. Two hands will have five cards each and the last with three. The goal is to try and make the best or highest-ranking hold compared to other players for each hand.

Since you have three sets to choose from, the game can get quite exciting and very fun. Even if you are an inexperienced player, there is so much luck involved you can still win at any time. You also have complete control over how you set up your cards. This allows you to control the fate of the game to an extent. All in all, you do not have to be the most experienced player to join in. But you do need knowledge on poker hand rankings before you start.

Rules Of The Game

Each player starts out with 13 cards. This was mentioned above. The maximum number of players is set to four but playing with two or three is also possible. Once you the players are given time to arrange their 13 cards, players can choose between surrender or to play their hand. Plating your hand is similar to the choices in normal poker so make sure to read up on that before you start playing. This variation tends to be more exciting and fun because of the sheer number of cards in play.

Playing Online

When you play Capsa Susun online make sure you keep a few things in mind. The first thing is to always find a place where you can focus on. The game is fun and all, but since you are betting and using real money or credits you will want to ensure you make the right moves. Fina place where you can focus without any distractions. Another thing you need to remember is to always be strategic with your moves. Learn some strategies that you can use during gameplay. This way you can also spot if another player is using a particular strategy. With this knowledge, you can find easier ways to outsmart your opponents.