The game of poker involves colorful words that can be confusing for most beginners. Learning to play Texas Hold’em Poker can feel like learning a new language. To make sure you do not flop before the flop, it is crucial to know the common terms before you play at 12Bet Ying. The following are the most common terms you should learn.


It is a pre-agreed sum. The player to the left of the dealer each turn should bet this amount. The player on the left contributes the small blind. The next player provides the big blind.


Going all-in means you bet everything you have left. It is usually done when you do not have enough chips to call or raise. A win will award a matching proportion of the pot.


Burning a card means discarding the top card from the deck face down. It prevents a player from seeing the first dealt card.


It refers to the least amount of chips you need to join a game or tournament. You have to buy a certain amount of chips if you want to join.


To call is to match the most recent bet or raise.


To check means there is no need to call or you do not want to raise a bet.

Community cards

These are the shared cards which all players can use. These are usually presented face-up on the table.


It refers to the first three community cards laid out together. These are face-up.


To fold is to lay down your cards to surrender a game. This means you lose any bets already in the pot.

Hole cards

These are the first two cards given to each player.


A kicker is a card used to assess which of two almost-equal hands wins.


To raise means to increase the current bet.


The rake is the percentage of a pot taken by the house or the casino as a commission.


This is the fifth and final community card which is also known as the fifth street.


Also called the fourth street, the turn is the fourth community card.

Knowing these terms may not ensure a win but it will help you a lot. To experience the game firsthand, you can play at online casinos like W88. Playing more games will help you familiarize with the terms and the gameplay itself.